Wu-Tang Clan Accused of Ruining Man's Relationship

Divorce Court

Wu-Tang Clan Accused of Ruining Man's Relationship

Nathan Sellers thinks girlfriend slept with every member of the rap crew.

Published April 12, 2015

The Wu-Tang Clan recently came up on Divorce Court thanks to a man who accused his girlfriend of sleeping with the “entire” crew — in one night. 

Nathan Sellers thinks his significant other, Lia Palmquist, ran through the whole clique because she stayed in their hotel until the early hours of the morning. “She gave Wu some tang,” he proclaimed. 


As suspicious as the story sounds, nothing happened, said the girlfriend. “I was just hanging out all night and it was amazing. We were not doing anything but talking,” she told Judge Lynn Toler

Not surprisingly, Sellers doesn't believe the "we were just talking” excuse. He’s convinced that there was more happening in the hotel than Palmquist’s ready to admit. She doesn’t break from the story though, she's adamant that the Wu-Tang Clan were “nothing but gentlemen” and that she’s neither a groupie nor a “bust down” (meaning she doesn’t sleep around). 

“I would never be a bust down or a groupie in that situation,” explained Palmquist. “I kept my lady parts together.” 

The embattled couple can't come to a truce on exactly what happened in the hotel, but the story itself is pretty funny.

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(Photo: Divorce Court via Youtube)

Written by Latifah Muhammad


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