T.I. and Kap G Discuss Police Brutality and Angry Rap Lyrics on CNN

(Photo: CNN)

T.I. and Kap G Discuss Police Brutality and Angry Rap Lyrics on CNN

Published April 23, 2015

T.I. has voiced his frustrations with racism and police brutality throughout his career. In the wake of the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown last year, Tip wrote a passionate song called “New National Anthem” featuring Skylar Grey that appeared on Paperwork. His message continues to push through in 2015 when he appeared on Atlanta rapper Kap G’s remix to “La Policia” alongside David Banner.

Last night, CNN’s Don Lemon reached out to T.I. and Kap G to speak about their experiences with racial profiling on minorities. “I think there is a resentment, a undeniable fear law enforcement have for young minorities and it's reflected in their actions,” T.I. said. “Of course that leads to angry lyrics because our music historically has been a reflection of the circumstances so if you don’t like our lyrics you should change the circumstances that inspire them.”

Kap G is of Mexican heritage who is born and raised in College Park, GA. His last mixtape,Like A Mexicanreleased in 2014, highlighted his experiences growing up and his Spanish pride.

 “The reason I wrote this song ["La Policia"] is I was racially profiled. Me being Mexican-American, the whole situation, two years ago I got pulled over, basically the whole situation was unfair," Kap G said. "They just wanted to check my car, asked for my ID. They thought I was illegal. It’s just unfair.”

He further added, “I feel like just being young. I feel like I can relate to black people. I can relate to Mexican people. I feel like me being young, I can have a voice and I can tell them what is going on.”

Watch the rest of the interview where T.I. and Kap G discuss the use of angry rap lyrics in “La Policia.”

(Photo: CNN)

Written by Eric Diep (@E_Diep)


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