Rico Love Talks About Why Tiara Thomas Left His Label

(Photo: The Breakfast Club via Power 105.1)

Rico Love Talks About Why Tiara Thomas Left His Label

He stopped by The Breakfast Club and they covered everything.

Published May 21, 2015

Rico Love just released his album Turn the Lights On, and he went on The Breakfast Club to speak about the project, his career in the industry as a songwriter/singer/rapper, working with Usher and much more.

Love, whose behind-the-scenes work has given him many opportunities to create relationships with artists, talked about the lack of support he’s been getting for Turn The Lights On. He explains how he’s helped certain artists get hot singles on the charts, but feels he’s getting slighted when he asks for a favor in return. “I don’t want anybody looking at these guys like F them, but at the end of the day, I just know I’m not gonna put myself in a position where I gotta keep asking you for something,” he said.

Love also went into a lengthy discussion about younger artists becoming too egoistic early on once they get a little fame. He compared his career to when he started out with Confessions-era Usher and seeing hordes of fans flock to him during public appearances. “These artists, they’ll get a little bit of attention and they’ll have a semi-hit. And they’ll be like, ‘Can’t nobody tell me nothing about a hit record, about music.’ And you look at your discography, and you’ll be like, ‘I probably could though,’” he said.

However, he did speak highly of Tiara Thomas, breaking down why she left his label, Division 1, and what her future holds in music. “She wrote songs like ‘Gang Signs’ and ‘Popular’ and ‘Bad’ when I signed her. So then later, she started writing different type of records that I didn’t think were superstar caliber records for her. I think she was bigger than the songs she was writing. And this is a girl who is super talented and could write anything,” he said about Thomas being a target of Internet harassment after the "Bad" situation.

Love had plenty more to say, which you can watch in the 40-minute interview below.

(Photo: The Breakfast Club via Power 105.1)

Written by Eric Diep


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