Kid Cudi Explains His Role as Ari Gold's New Assistant

Kid Cudi Explains His Role as Ari Gold's New Assistant

The actor/rapper welcomed the opportunity to not play himself.

Published June 1, 2015

The Entourage movie is almost here. While the film marks the return of all your favorite characters, Kid Cudi, who will make a big celebrity cameo as Ari Gold’s assistant, discussed his role as Allen in a new video interview.

Cudi has been featured in films in the past like,Two Night Stand and Need for Speed, expanding his resume beyond his talents as a rapper. In the interview, he welcomed the opportunity to play a character that wasn’t himself.

“The character I play, his name is Allen,” he said. “And he is Ari Gold’s newest assistant after Lloyd. And there’s a lot of pressure on him. Those are big shoes to fill. And I think it’s fun to see the nervousness. See someone that you can’t always bite back at Ari. He kinda has to take the brunt of everything. And it’s cool cause this guy just really wants to be the next Ari Gold. So, he’s like watching and just wants to do everything perfect. It’s dope for me to play a character like that. I didn’t want to play myself. I really wanted to try to give people a different type of character.”

Cudi is also featured in the June/July issue of Complex with Jeremy Piven. In an extensive Q&A, they explain the mindset of Cudi’s character and the major differences Allen has from Gold’s former assistant Lloyd.

“There’s a nurturing that my character’s looking for. A mentor figure. It goes back to what you were asking about before: Some people do look at Ari Gold like he’s the f**king man. Some people look up to that. I chose to make my character that kid. He’s the guy looking at Ari Gold like, 'Yo man, I’m a douche because of you.' My character gets mad at himself for messing up even before Ari does, whereas Lloyd may not have seen his faults at first,” Cudi said.

Piven added, “Cudi doesn’t have endless amounts of screen time, but he makes it all count. You can see a dimensional character. You see him taking the punishment, and punishing himself. Most actors wouldn’t have taken it there; I thought it was cool.”

After seeing Cudi in Entourage on June 3, fans can expect his next album, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven, sometime this year.

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(Photo: Clayton Chase/Getty Images for Music Lodge)

Written by Eric Diep


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