Solange's Business Partner Discusses April Stabbing

Solange's Business Partner Discusses April Stabbing

She debunks false reports about the incident in a revealing interview.

Published June 8, 2015

In April, Armina Mussa was in critical condition after she was stabbed 10 times by Arronesia Christophe for reasons still unknown today. Mussa has finally decided to speak on the horrific incident to NOLA Defender, recalling specific details and setting the record straight on the media’s misinformed stories.

Mussa is best known as Solange Knowles’s business and creative partner. The 24-year-old project director of Solange’s Saint Heron brand has gone through a lot in her road to recovery. She explains first that police reports said her encounter with Christophe happened in front of a high school friend’s house. In actuality, the stabbing happened in front of Mussa’s own home in St. Roch. “I watched my attacker circle my block before pulling into the shared parking lot of my home,” she said, before later adding, “It is evident that this was an act of premeditated violence.”

Mussa continues to debunk more false reports, saying that Christophe’s story claims she used violence as an act of self-defense. Mussa believes her story is leaving out several details. She wasn’t furious when she approached Christophe’s car and she didn’t attack her.

“I was faced with a kitchen knife that the aggressor and trespasser had in her hand while her vehicle was parked in front of my home,” she said, correcting reports that Christophe used a pocket-knife. “When I approached the aggressor and trespasser’s vehicle window to ask that she leave my property, she sat there with her head tilted towards me, while waving the kitchen knife in a malicious demeanor. I then said to her through the window, ‘You need to leave.’ The aggressor and trespasser then proceeded to exit her vehicle and wave the kitchen knife in my face while questioning me aggressively in regards to why she should leave.”

Later, she adds that she and Christophe got into a fight, only because she tried to disarm her.

“We began to argue for no more than a minute until I felt extremely threatened and struck. I was afraid to turn my back on an armed, angry, and seemingly violent person. So, I took the initiative to use a forceful handle on her by attempting to take her down and knock the knife free, which unfortunately did not work. The aggressor and trespasser began slashing me with the kitchen knife repeatedly until I was completely weakened and bloody. I backed up. Shocked, I said, ‘Why would you stab me?’ She appeared to have no remorse. I was stabbed from my abdomen up to my head. I then removed my own shirt to stop the bleeding from my head while I shouted my prayers to God so hard before losing consciousness.”

Solange commended Mussa’s bravery on Twitter for sharing her story with The Defender in hopes that it restores her reputation. “Couldn't be more proud of my friend @ArminaMussa's strength, courage and grace. She is the epitome of a survivor!” she wrote.

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(Photos from Left: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Moet, Armina Mussa via Instagram)

Written by Eric Diep


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