Tyler, the Creator Says the Mountain Dew Controversy Broke His Spirit

Tyler, the Creator Says the Mountain Dew Controversy Broke His Spirit

Tyler and the Hot 97 crew sit down for a lengthy discussion.

Published June 15, 2015

Tyler, the Creator sat down with Hot 97 for an hour-plus conversation that covered topics such as his early influences, Pharrell, Cherry Bomb, rumors of Odd Future breaking up, why he’s getting a negative reception for rapping about positive things in his life and more.

We pulled some excerpts from the interview. Read what he had to say, and watch them in full below.

On Odd Future:

“I tweeted like, ‘Although those seven letters isn’t really a thing like that, those are still my ni**as for life.’ People took that out of context, like, ‘Oh, shit. He don’t f**k with these ni**as no more. They broke up. Everybody’s f***ed up.’ I was just like, ‘Yo, hey, look at the post before that.’ It’s like a picture link of 30 ni**as outside of a store. But no one said anything about that. I kind of said that, ‘Yo, I was just reminiscing and stuff.’ It’s some truth behind that. We haven’t really done anything together in a while. Everyone is just doing their own thing.”

On writing raps as a kid:

“I literally was writing raps at like 7, and they were horrible. And then I would get albums and trace out the square and stuff and then make fake album covers. Like, ‘Damn, I’ma have one of these one day.’"

Mountain Dew controversy:

“That was the greatest thing ever. It was a learning experience. What angered me was the Boyce Watkins thing, with the guy who kind of pushed me getting cut off for it. He was a professor, and said it was the most racist commercial ever, which scared Mountain Dew and they cut me off and I lost that. The only thing that saddened me about that was being a young Black kid as a director. Being in a position where someone big like Mountain Dew gives me a chance to do that. And not even be in a commercial where I’m f***ing dancing and s**t, drinking Mountain Dew, but just putting my vision in there. And for an older Black guy instead of congratulating me decided to look at something negative from it and to just cut off any other opportunities from me opening the door, for even Mountain Dew for giving me a chance really saddened me. That broke my spirit.”

On his love for jewelry:

“I love jewelry, it’s tight. Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry is fucking beautiful. She has this coral elephant that’s fucking gorgeous. She had some of the most beautiful jewelry ever. Her and Nigo — best jewelry that I’ve ever seen.”

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Written by Eric Diep


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