Troy Ave Explains How Major Without a Deal Is Another Win for Him

Troy Ave Explains How Major Without a Deal Is Another Win for Him

He made his return to The Breakfast Club.

Published June 16, 2015

Last week, Twitter was in an uproar when Troy Ave’s Major Without a Deal sold less than 5,000 copies and only 30 physical copies. Now, the Brooklyn rapper has appeared on The Breakfast Club to break down the LP’s sales.

Expanding on previous tweets made by himself and his manager, Hovain, he spoke about how being an independent artist allows him to keep more of the money he’s earned. Instead of the 15 percent artists take in if they are signed to a major label, he actually rakes in 95 percent of the profits. “If I turn around and I sell 100,000 records or whatever, I’m getting more money than somebody that went platinum. And I’m just talking about singles. And singles be moving everything,” he says. “It’s all about getting the leverage doing what you want to do.”

Originally, Major Without a Deal was supposed to be releasing for free as a mixtape under his White Christmas series. He also points out that many of the big name features on Major Without a Deal were done out of support for his movement. That’s as independent as it gets.

Later on, he addresses critics who try to bring him down for his consistent hustle in putting out music his own way. “When these people tear down Troy Ave, who else do we got from the city that’s doing it this way? You ain’t trying to tear down me, you trying to tear down a generation of people. You want them to lead and follow somebody else? You want them to be drug addicts? I represent ambition. I represent grinding.”

The conversation continues with him explaining how he ended his beef with 50 Cent. In the past, 50 felt like Troy Ave was biting his style and dissing him during radio interviews on several occasions. Troy Ave explained a recent Chris Brown concert at the Barclays Center where he was supposed to come out as a surprise guest along with 50 Cent, but showed up late. The two ended up talking outside the venue where they worked out their issues. Another beef involving Brooklyn rapper Manolo Rose, who says Troy stole his song for “All About the Money,” was addressed, but according to him, they are still not on speaking terms.

Watch the full interview below.

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(Photo: The Breakfast Club via Power105.1FM)

Written by Eric Diep


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