Chance, the Rapper Takes Chicago Youth on Surprise Field Trip

Chance the Rapper

Chance, the Rapper Takes Chicago Youth on Surprise Field Trip

Windy City native gives youngsters a special "behind-the-scenes look at history."

Published July 8, 2015

Chance, the Rapper is hands on when it comes to his city.

Fresh from throwing a free concert for Chicago teens and young adults last month, Chance was back at it yesterday when he surprised a group of youth with a field trip to a local museum.  

The children, ranging from ages 6 to 11, were treated to an educational outing at the Field Museum as a part of the Chicago Parks day camp.

In addition, the 22-year-old rapper announced a donation of art supplies to Chicago’s Cole park, and will do the same at “every park we surprise.” 

Chance is doing his part to help a city that has been plagued by rampant gun violence, amid examples of corruption within the police department. And reported gang wars have contributed to the Windy City’s staggering new gun violence stats.

According to a DNA Info Chicago, the city has had more than 12,000 shootings since 2010, with 14,000 people injured and 2,000 killed.  


Chance recently spoke to the issue of “systematic racism,” as it relates to what needs to be done in Chicago, and why President Barck Obama's appointment as commander in chief doesn’t signify “change."

“I think there are certain things like I said systemically, politically, socially, that need to take place on both sides of it, from the people and the people that we put in place that could change stuff,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “But I think Barack Obama has done some great things.”

Chance continued, That’s objective, because I’ve worked with the city. I’ve worked with the neighborhoods, and one of the people I consider allies would be the president. He’s done dope things in the city of Chicago. I’ve worked with the city on a lot of projects. But do I think everybody is doing everything that they can? No, and that includes me.”

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(Photo: Chance The Rapper via Instagram)

Written by Latifah Muhammad


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