Lil Wayne's Most Memorable Experience in Hip Hop Will Surprise You

Singer Lil Wayne performs during a free concert in Champ de Mars, downtown Port-au-Prince on June 26, 2015. AFP PHOTO/HECTOR RETAMAL        (Photo credit should read HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Lil Wayne's Most Memorable Experience in Hip Hop Will Surprise You

Hint: It involves Jay Z.

Published July 8, 2015

Lil Wayne is focused on making the best music of his career. Putting all his efforts into recording means Wayne doesn’t have much time for interviews. However, he made an exception for New Orleans’s own Wild Wayne by calling in to discuss Lil Weezyana Fest and the Hot Boys reunion performance, his younger days coming up in the Cash Money ranks and much more.

In the 30-minute interview, Wayne was honest and candid throughout the entire thing. You could tell Weezy is in a space where he’s working hard to hold his title as Best Rapper Alive. While you should definitely just listen to the full audio on Wild Wayne’s SoundCloud, we pulled some excerpts that were worth highlighting. His most memorable experience in hip hop will surprise you.

On the Free Weezy Album:

"First of all, I appreciate everybody who even thought of listening to it or have heard anything about it and gave me an opinion on it. Appreciate the feedback that I’m getting from it. For me personally, it’s just a testament to my will. It just shows me that no matter what, I’m still able to do what I do to the best of my abilities and still get more of a reaction. In fact, that’s the exact reaction I would love and more than what I’m expecting. That’s awesome. When I look in the mirror every day, I know that the person that’s been there is still there and making somebody greater."

On Young Thug paying homage to Tha Carter series with Barter 6:

"Here’s what’s different. When we did it, we had no problems saying that. ‘Yeah, we don’t need no Juvie, this is 500 Degreez. We had no problem saying that. Slime came out and straight said that ‘I’m naming my album such and such because of props and I’m such a fan.’ That’s a total different approach.

"I’d have to be some kind of monster to just overlook that. I’m not that type of person. My mom raised me better. I’d just have to be a monster: ‘I don’t believe you.’ If he says he from the heart and he say he’s some sort of fan. Thanks bro. I appreciate everything about it if he’s a fan."

On his most memorable experience in hip hop:

"I think my most memorable would probably be getting my name called for that Grammy for the first time. That time, that day, that got me right there. That made it. That was like a full circle that brought everything into a full circle. That was a perfect moment. Other than that, I’d have to say that moment is still coming. It happens every day.

"Just getting a text from Jay Z. Everybody that knows Lil Wayne, knows I’m the biggest Jay Z fan. Just getting personal texts, and not just little texts about, “Yeah, there was a song I heard. I saw what you said that’s cool. Thanks.” Getting real texts from Jay Z, that right there is a highlight everyday. I can’t even front." 

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(Photo: HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Written by Eric Diep


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