Update: 50 Cent Finally Opens Up About His Fallout With Sha Money XL

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Update: 50 Cent Finally Opens Up About His Fallout With Sha Money XL

A good history lesson.

Published August 24, 2015

UPDATE: Sha Money XL has responded to 50's interview and he's not too happy. Read it below, and head over to his Twitter for more.

Don't believe the hype. Who wants to be partners with him? They all fall out eventually so let's talk facts not lies. F**k you pay me $$ where all your partners@ ? Why are we talking about me instead of good music? Where the hits at? I've been consistent since I left. 100% of nothing. You destroyed what was built and you will continue to do that. I feel sorry for you bro. This Haitian Ni**a is not afraid of that clown. Now you pay everyone for them same jobs but getting wack results. You help a ni**a who was helpless and he shits on u every chance he gets let me tell my side now.


and Sha Money XL were two individuals running the G-Unit Empire until they parted ways. The story of why they exactly split hasn’t been shared with rap fans until now.

50, who was doing another Hangwith session over the weekend, fielded questions from users and went real deep when he was asked, “Will you and Sha Money be cool again?”

At about the 9:25 mark, 50 explains his history with Sha Money and where their relationship began. He considers Sha Money a partner because during the early days of G-Unit, they all recorded in his basement. As G-Unit's success grew, Sha Money wanted more money, asking 50 to pay him for studio time and other services. According to 50, when Get Rich or Die Tryin’ debuted at No. 1 in the first week, more money started to pour in and Sha Money wanted an even bigger cut. This was when Fif decided to make him president of G-Unit Records, but things started to turn sour when Sha wanted to branch out and create his own opportunities, like Money Management Group.

“Over time with Sha, I offered him overhead, so he can have his own office space and build a staff for Money Management and all that s**t. He never was with that, so he never did anything,” he says. “Next thing you know, he called and he was looking for my blessings and he was taking a job over at Def Jam.”

Later on, 50 says he’s not really sure when they fell out, but it was likely due to more personal things involving old girlfriends than business.

Sha Money, who is now the EVP of Urban A&R at Epic Records, hasn’t addressed any of 50’s story yet. The two recently had a dispute when 50 called out Sha Money for not bailing out Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew.

You can watch the entire interview below, where he also dives into working with Atlanta producers and Street King Immortal.

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(Photos from left: Elsa/Getty Images, Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Written by Eric Diep


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