If You’re Going to Come for Drake, Make It Great

Meek Mill, Drake

If You’re Going to Come for Drake, Make It Great

Meek, the Ls can stop here.

Published October 19, 2015

Drake versus Meek Mill created the most lopsided beef result since, well, Eminem versus Benzino… or maybe 50 Cent’s tryst with Ja Rule? The 6 God completely tore apart one of Philadelphia’s finest in hip hop’s most discussed battles in recent memory.

If you recall, the needle started to sway in Drake’s direction when Meek’s own label boss, Rick Ross, tweeted that Drake is greater than the “R.I.C.O.” rapper. He would later delete it, of course. But then Drake laid the hammer with “Charged Up” and it was on.

The key moment came though when Meek took what seemed like forever to respond and then when he did, Funkmaster Flex bombed (and no, not dropped a bomb, just bombed) by not premiering Meek’s long-awaited rebuttal as guaranteed on HOT 97. Then when Meek Mill had his last opportunity to finally get himself back in the game later that night, he tweeted a link to what was supposed to be a diss song but was actually a hoax video of someone screaming through a 15-second clip. While it was intended to be funny, it wasn’t. It was also more harmful to Meek Mill’s career than he may have initially thought.

The reason I’m bringing all this up is because, over the weekend, the Maybach Music Group headliner may’ve tried to start this thing up again after months of relative calm between the two camps. Taking to Instagram a couple of times late Sunday, Meek posted what seems to be a couple of subliminal shots aimed at the Toronto native.

So look, Meek, if you’re going to try to make an epic comeback here — or even attempt to save some face in this bout — please take some advice on how to do this correctly.

First off, pay attention to what the fans are saying instead of the yes men in your circle. Consumers are what keep you afloat— not your label, not your manager and definitely not the random people you have in your entourage. A damaged brand in hip hop is the most potentially deterring thing in one’s career and it’s rarely something anyone can get back. Even if you don’t think you’ve lost, seek out what the general consensus is saying. If an overwhelming majority is starting to give the medal to Drake it may be time to reassess. This is boxing and they are the judges.

Second, admit Drake won the first round and start fresh. Since time has passed, treat this like it’s 0-1 and then go for the kill. You’re definitely behind, but act like that was then and this is now.

Third, for the love of God, carefully consider your punches. Charlie Brown was landing more field goals than you were Drake disses. You had the Quentin Miller ghostwriting allegations in your pocket and you somehow messed it up. Instead of lame Instagram sub-whatevers, hit the studio with a fire beat and let it rip. Drake has a lot of vulnerabilities and has recently been battling the creators of Degrassi: The Next Generation as to why he left the Canadian teen drama. Take aim and fire! Common put Drizzy away with one line. The least you could do is take some time, hit Drake’s Wiki page and concoct the Ether. If you’re really the best, show it. You came up on battle rapping, right?

Finally, and most important: don’t f*** this up. In August you said you were through beefing with Drake. Fine, it’s probably best for everyone. But if you’re going to re-ignite, you better start scoring some touchdowns. Careers can be lost due to this sort of thing. (By the way, what’s Ja Rule doing these days?)

We love you, Meek. But love is tough. Constructive criticism is badly needed your way and we’re here to help. Drake is winning big both in this battle and in general. It’s going to take all of your strength to get him off his feet. Be forewarned.

Just a concerned observer.

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Written by Paul Meara


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