Does Tyga Care if Blac Chyna Moved on to Future?

Does Tyga Care if Blac Chyna Moved on to Future?

Nope, not at all.

Published October 27, 2015

Oh, what a time to be alive!

Well, if you're Future, that's definitely what your anthem should be daily with two number-one albums under his belt for 2015 alone and an alleged new lady on his arm. Who is she? Well, we're glad you asked because the ATlien's new boo is supposedly Blac Chyna, aka Tyga's ex.

According to TMZ, sources close to Tyga are saying that the rapper doesn't care about his ex allegedly dating Future. He seems to be in love with Kylie Jenner, who is no longer a forbidden fruit, so why would he be concerned?

It should also be noted that the two rappers have collaborated on music before and that Tyga is open to doing more of that in the future. Get it? The future, kind of like Blac Chyna's new tattoo that appears to be dedicated to her new boo, but has neither been confirmed or denied to have anything to do with their alleged budding romance. 

Whatever... you get it. This love quadrangle seems to be drama free, so all is good in the lovebird hood and we're glad.

(Photos from left: David Livingston/Getty Images, Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2015)

Written by Taj Rani


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