Young Thug and Caitlyn Jenner Are One and the Same

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/WireImage, Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nederlander)

Young Thug and Caitlyn Jenner Are One and the Same

Sometimes we're more alike than we are different.

Published October 28, 2015

When you’ve garnered close to 1.7 million followers on Instagram without following a single person back, you’ve got to be pretty popular.

Young Thug clearly isn’t team follow for a follow, but he’s pretty clear about where his loyalty lies. With a click of the mouse, Young Thug made Caitlyn Jenner his first follow. The Olympic champion is one of the year's most talked about celebrities.

So why Caitlyn, many might wonder. Is he trolling us again? Does he want us to talk? Is he sending signals about his highly speculated sexual preferences?

To be honest, none of that even matters. Young Thug’s verses may not be understandable, but his stance has always been clear. Don’t label him. He likes pink and super skinny jeans. He likes boots with the fur. He calls his male friends “bae.” And you know what? That’s absolutely OK.

When are we as a society going to stop condemning our young men for just being. As with Jaden Smith, Russell Westbrook and others like them, young black men today are choosing to not live in social constraints. They’re experimenting with their hair, their clothes and their wants and it’s about damn time.

Long gone are the days where men are being forced to walk the line of masculinity and expression. Caitlyn Jenner isn’t synonymous with a queer agenda, but more so an emblem for individuality. So yes, Young Thug is interested in following her. Possibly because he’s interested, maybe because he thinks it’s funny or perhaps just because he wants her to know that he supports her.

Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t be strange or surprising to the masses, just as water is wet and grass is green. When Vogue featured the rapper in a video package frolicking with NYFW golden girls, it proved that when you’re being you’re authentic self, people will always embrace you — in any way that you come.

So cheers to the men of 2015 for daring to be different. Thank you for choosing to define your reality by your own beliefs.

Labels are strictly for boxes, not people.

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(Photos from left: Prince Williams/WireImage, Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nederlander)

Written by George Chapman Jr.


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