Running Up on Game Left This Rapper in Stitches


Running Up on Game Left This Rapper in Stitches

He got arrested, too.

Published December 4, 2015

A rapper who goes by “Stitches” ran up on Game and it backfired, terribly. Game’s manager punched him in the face outside of Miami's Story Nightclub last night, after he tried to confront the Compton native.

Stitches shared the pre-punch play-by-play on Instagram. He accused Game of blocking him from entering the club and decided to wait for him to come outside. What happened next definitely wasn’t in his game plan.


The manager knocked him out as soon as he stepped to Game, all while a huge crowd (and cops) watched. 

If that wasn't embarrassing enough, Stitches got arrested afterwards for resisting an officer, and marijuana possession. An undercover cop originally suspected him of trying to carry out a drive-by shooting.

The shame of it all may be too much, because Stitches made his Instagram private. That didn't stop Game from trolling him anyway: “The same mouth this p***y talked about my kids from got busted the fuck open now the stitches on ya mouth ain't no f---in tattoo...... You brought ya lil dumb a-- up there wit 5 clowns packed in a Porsche, drove around for 2 hours making a Insta-Movie, all 5 got out the car acting tough because the police was out there, you ran up, ya homies didn't move & you got yo p---y ass knocked out on video in front of the police...... Now all of a sudden, ya IG page PRIVATE lol....#PrivateRyan.”  

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(Photo: Splash News)

Written by Latifah Muhammad


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