Cool Amerika Still Make Sum Shake

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Cool Amerika Still Make Sum Shake

Get to know the group bringing more flavor to Atlanta.

Published January 7, 2016

It’s December in New York City, and it’s warmer than it should be. So Stunt and Bally, of Cool Amerika, sit outside facing 6th Avenue. The boys from Atlanta had just finished an interview with legendary interviewer Sway and are just taking in the sights and sounds. It’s not their first time in New York, except this time they’re making their rounds and with two mixtapes and an EP already in their arsenal. Now their focus is solely on letting the world know what Cool Amerika is up to and for those who don’t know about Cool Amerika, what it’s about.

Member, Stunt, is a transplant of Savannah while Bally was rooted in Montgomery. When they were both 11 years old, they met after moving to Atlanta, and have been collaborating together ever since. Stunt explains how why the pair began creating together: “We had nothing else to do but play sports or get in trouble. You couldn’t do both so [we] chose music.” Now at the age of 22, they’re still creating together and Bally sheds some light on the organic process, “We had good chemistry because we were always together 24/7, from kids to now. The chemistry just grew.”

This past Summer they broke into the Billboard charts with “Make Sum Shake” at #25. It takes only a few seconds into the “Make Sum Shake” video to know that Bally and Stunt dig the camera. You see the working relationship throughout the visuals. Stunt is a little more in your face with quick moves and flow. Bally is a bit more laid back with a sense of humor to make people laugh. The record’s title is deceiving, making it sound like a dance record, but Bally explains, “It was really a motivational song, more to get people motivated, to go out get a job, go hustle. [To] do what you got to do to make ends meet.” Stunt adds, “[It] makes people like it more. Because it’s telling you get up and make something happen.”

The Atlanta pair is already willing to try new things when it comes to their sound. The night before they played a room full of writers and bloggers their latest track, “Fall Out Fuss & Fight,” a slow jam that finds Stunt singing (for the first time on record) about “that one person that you deal with that always, even though they make you so mad, you still go right back.” The track falls between something Drake, Future, or even French Montana would make. “I love it,” Stunt says. “That’s my favorite song. We actually think that’s the next radio single.”

Most of all, ambition seems to drive the pair as they explain what’s next for Cool Amerika in 2016. “We’re trying to take it worldwide,” Bally explains. “Anything that we can do as far as, music wise, to get creative, try some new genres, to work with some new people, anything we can do is what we’re working with right now.” As they walk away into the 6th Avenue crowd, their dreams of working with Nicki Minaj and Justin Timberlake don’t seem that far off.

(Photo: Alliance Music Group)

Written by Jon Reyes


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