The Verdict Is Out on Meek Mill

The Verdict Is Out on Meek Mill

The rapper won't do hard time this time around.

Published February 5, 2016

Following spending time Thursday afternoon with students at Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School offering advice on how to stay out of trouble, Meek Mill himself faced the courts today (February 5).

The verdict is out: Mill won’t be heading back to jail this time.

Back in December, a judge determined that Mill had violated the terms of his probation from a 2008 conviction for drug dealing and gun possession, repeatedly making unauthorized trips and ignoring other conditions of his probation. Mill facedfour violations of his probation and was found guilty during his sentencing today.

This time, the courts have ruled that Mill is going to have to stay put. The judge also ordered that he wear an ankle monitor during his 90 days of house arrest, set to begin on March 1. Additionally, Mill received six more years of probation and will be doing community service.

Nicki Minaj was in attendance supporting her man during the sentencing today and it was reported that the couple spoke privately to the judge following the sentencing. 

His career as an entertainer and rapper came up in the trial as well, with Meek saying, “everything is riding on the line,” as his attorney agreed that jail time would “decapitate” the rapper’s career.

“He’s immature, judge,” it was reported Mill’s attorney said. “But he’s turning his life around.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on you, Meek.

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Written by KC Orcutt


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