No Surprises Here: Beyonce’s Album Sales Are Predicted to Skyrocket

(Photo: HBO)

No Surprises Here: Beyonce’s Album Sales Are Predicted to Skyrocket

Beyonce is expected to have an insane opening week.

Published April 25, 2016

It’s about to be a full 48 hours since Beyoncé released her Lemonade visual album, and the world is still digesting and working through its initial impressions. Beyonce’s surprise project further exemplifies her genius as a creative artist, touching themes that are unapologetic by nature. It’s raw, it’s beautiful and it’s exactly what we as a culture needed

After being released by way of an exclusive Tidal stream, as well as the visual component being available via HBO, the album is now available for sale on iTunes and Amazon, with physical copies expected to hit stories on May 6.

As reported, her album is expected to move 500,000 to 600,000 units its opening week, according to market data and research. While it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the fact that it’s Beyoncé and it’s an incredible project, the album is anticipated to go gold during its first week.

Beyoncé is also likely to be the only artist releasing new music this week that could come close to taking the No. 1 spot from Prince, who sold 250,000 albums posthumously the day he passed away. 

While the numbers are still being tallied and racking up her spot on the charts, Bey’s successes truly lie in the project itself, as Lemonade continues to fill fans' text messages, the Twittersphere and in-person conversations alike, as it deservedly should. is your No. 1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.

(Photo: HBO)

Written by KC Orcutt


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