15-Year-Old Graduates From College

15-Year-Old Graduates From College

At 15, Ty Hobson-Powell is the youngest student to graduate from the University of Baltimore.

Published May 18, 2011

Last week BET.com told you about a 15-year-old heading to college. Today, in more child-prodigy news, we bring you a 15-year-old graduating from college.


On Sunday, Ty Hobson-Powell became the youngest graduate of the University of Baltimore. He started playing college basketball as a freshman just three years ago. After completing 27 college credits in only one school-semester, he gave up his love for the college game to focus even more on his schooling. Only a few weeks away from his 16th birthday, Hobson-Powell now has an undergraduate degree—not a bad early birthday present.


Hobson-Powell started his collegiate career at Howard University, but transferred to the University of Baltimore after learning of its interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in public policy, history and psychology.


Though some may think this 15-year-old is an antisocial brainiac, his father confirms that he’s a pretty normal teenager.


"He's twittering too much and playing basketball too much to get a perfect 4.0 [grade point average],” Edwin Powell, his father, jokingly told the Baltimore Sun. He teaches at Howard University's medical school. The father’s background may have some influence on why Hobson-Powell has desires to attend medical school, but first Ty says he wants to head to law school in the fall.


No matter the career path, if Hobson-Powell’s past sets the precedent for his future, success is sure to follow him in whichever profession he chooses.

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Written by Danielle Wright


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