FYI: Black High School Students Compete at MBA-level

FYI: Black High School Students Compete at MBA-level

On Saturday, the National Black MBA Association will live stream the competition between 8th and 12th graders.

Published June 22, 2011

Want to get a first-hand glimpse of the nation’s future entrepreneurs and business executives? If you live in Connecticut, you might spot them around Storrs.


Nearly 200 high school students will be there this weekend as the National Black MBA Association holds its Leaders of Tomorrow  (LOT) 10th annual National Business Case Competition at the University of Connecticut. If you’re not a resident of Connecticut, however, you can still catch the competition because technology has you covered. It will be live-streamed on Saturday.


Since 1991 students from the United Kingdom and South Africa have traveled annually to participate in the conference for 8th to 12th graders. After being trained in “the highest levels” of analysis, public speaking, strategic planning, financial analysis, marketing and management by the National Black MBA Association members, the high school students analyze a graduate school Harvard-style business case.


A business case is basically a story about a company that has some problems. Each team’s job is to figure out what the problems are and solve them, within the framework of the competition. The case competition will test participants' ability to develop an idea and then sell it—through public speaking, visual aids that they create and the messaging that they craft. Students who make it to the final round of the competition will present their case in front of judges and hundreds of other students.


According to LOT: "The pressure is intense. The competition is fierce. The stakes are huge. It requires discipline, assertiveness and confidence. But if [students] survive, [they'll] be ready for anything."


Awards go to the students from around the country who master the analysis and presentation of the MBA-level business case.


To catch the students strut their skills on Saturday, visit here.



Written by Danielle Wright


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