Cop Who Killed Danroy Henry Sues Liquor Store

Cop Who Killed Danroy Henry Sues Liquor Store

Lawyer blames a store that allegedly sold alcohol to Danroy Henry for injuries that officer Hess sustained.

Published June 28, 2011

The aftermath of the shooting and killing of Pace University football player Danroy Henry Jr., 20, has become more entangled.

Now Aaron Hess, the Pleasantville, New York, police officer who killed Henry, has filed a lawsuit against a liquor store that he claims sold alcohol to Henry before the shooting occurred.

But was the new suit filed against the right store?

The suit against the liquor store concerns injuries including a broken kneecap that Hess says he sustained when he was hit by Henry’s car as the football player drove off "at a high rate of speed."

On Monday, Mitchell Baker, Hess’ attorney told reporters, "If you sell liquor to an underage person, you are responsible for what that underage person did.”

Henry was shot and killed while driving away from a disturbance in Thornwood, N.Y., on Oct. 17, 2010. An autopsy found that the underage male had a blood-alcohol level that was above the legal driving limit. The officer testified that he fired at Henry when hit by his car. A grand jury cleared Hess of charges in that case, but the Department of Justice announced in February that it planned to open an investigation into the fatal shooting. Henry’s family is suing Hess, who was named officer of the year by the Policemen's Benevolent Association of the Pleasantville Police Department.

A newspaper reported in March that Henry and friends purchased liquor from another liquor store in the same town, Briarcliff Manor.

Calls placed by reporters to the liquor store named in the suit, Briarcliff Wines & Liquors, went unanswered on Monday. But Hess’ lawyer, as reported in, said that a lawyer called him and denied that the liquor store “was involved in such a sale.”

Baker also said, “Mr. Henry was underage, he obtained alcohol at Briarcliff Wines & Liquors, and he got into this horrific car accident with Officer Hess. Mr. Henry was clearly intoxicated. If he were sober this never would have happened."

(Photo: Danroy Henry/WCBS)

Written by Frank McCoy


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