More of Mitrice Richardson’s Remains Are Added to Her Grave

More of Mitrice Richardson’s Remains Are Added to Her Grave

Officials exhumed the body of the 24-year-old who went missing in September 2009.

Published July 14, 2011

(Photo: People Magazine)

The family of Mitrice Richardson had her exhumed from her final resting place Wednesday in order to include the rest of her remains that had been found since her initial internment.


Richardson went missing in September 2009 after being released from the Lost Hills/Malibu police station in California around midnight. She did not have a car, purse or cellphone and her disappearance after her release sparked a long dispute between officials and Richardson’s family.


After her body was found in August 2010, the coroner’s staff told the sheriff’s deputies not to disturb the remains, but they removed the body. Furthermore, when the sheriff and his team escorted Richardson’s mother and family to the site where they said Richardson’s body was found, it was later discovered that the site was not where the young adult's remains were found.


In May 2011 Latice Sutton, Richardson's mother, filed a second lawsuit against the county alleging that the deputies improperly removed her daughter’s remains. The first lawsuit, filed with Sutton’s ex-husband, accused deputies of failing to get Richardson adequate medical assistance before her release in the middle of the night.


Both lawsuits are still awaiting trial. 


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