University of Connecticut: 13-Year-Old Girl Was Never Accepted

University of Connecticut: 13-Year-Old Girl Was Never Accepted

The college is saying that Autum Ashante never had a placement in the University, and that therefore her admittance was never “rescinded.” But her dad says otherwise.

Published July 20, 2011

The complicated case of Autum Ashante’s rescinded admission to the University of Connecticut has taken another turn.


Now, a University of Connecticut spokesman is saying that he never told a New York newspaper that the 13-year-old had been accepted into the school, reports News One.


Last month Daily News reporter Tanyanika Samuels updated her original story that home-schooled prodigy Ashante was expecting to enroll in UConn in the fall but the school had rescinded her admission and told her father that they thought Ashante was not “academically ready.”


Though the Daily News reported that Richard Veilleux, a UConn representative, confirmed Ashante’s admittance, Veilleux and another school official, Michael Kirk, disagree.


“She applied, and her application was denied. It was not accepted. Nothing was ‘rescinded,’” Kirk wrote in an email to News One. “When the Daily News called me, I spoke to Lee Melvin, our vice president for enrollment management, and he told me that Autum had not enrolled at the university. I passed that information to the Daily News.”


The information was not reported in the Daily News and the claim that Ashante had been accepted has only been cited by Autum’s father.


The Daily News says that they are standing by “the original story.” has placed phone calls to the father, Batin Ashante. No calls have been returned yet.


At the heart of the controversy lies an ambitious 13-year-old girl who hopes to represent Black whiz kids all over the world. Unfortunately, we can only hope that the drama of adults will soon be over so that her success story will not be tainted.   


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