New York's "Rent is Too D*** High" Candidate Facing Eviction

New York's "Rent is Too D*** High" Candidate Facing Eviction

Jimmy McMillan says landlords are after him because the rent he pays is too low.

Published August 5, 2011

Jimmy McMillan, a New York man who hilariously ran for governor and mayor of the City of New York several times in the past representing the Rent Is Too D*** High party, says he is being evicted from his rent-controlled Manhattan apartment, the New York Post reports.


What’s the reason his landlords are after him? Apparently the $872.96 he pays in rent isn’t enough for them, he says.


“I’ve been here since 1977, and they want more money!” he said, reports the Post. “It’s about ‘My Rent is Too D*** Low.’”


But according to the owner of his building, Lisco Holdings, they aren’t out to get more money. Rather, they allege in court documents that McMillan actually lives in Brooklyn and not the East Village residence in question. In fact in a New York Times interview last year he said he lived in a Brooklyn apartment and performed maintenance work on the property in lieu of paying rent.


Now, McMillan is saying the Brooklyn spot is actually where his party headquarters are, not his actual residence.


"Maybe the landlord doesn't know, but he can't bulldog me because I know the law," he told the Post Thursday.


The dispute is now in Housing Court.


McMillan is currently planning to run in next year’s presidential elections.


(Photo: Audrey C. Tiernan-Pool/Getty Images)

Written by By: Hortense M. Barber


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