Exonerated Man Heads Back to Prison

Exonerated Man Heads Back to Prison

After 16 years in prison, George Gould and Ronald Taylor were found wrongly convicted, but the state supreme court has overturned that lower court decision and ordered new trials.

Published August 10, 2011

A man who was wrongfully convicted of murder is heading back to prison until the same case can be tried again.


George Gould and Ronald Taylor had been free from prison for just over a year after serving 16 years of an 80-year sentence for the 1993 murder of Eugenio Deleon Vega, a New Haven, Connecticut, bodega owner. Just last month, however, the state supreme court reinstated the men’s sentences, saying that the lower court judge was wrong to release them.


The case to determine whether the two were headed back to jail was heard in Rockville on Monday. It was decided that Gould would return to prison, while Taylor will stay out of prison on bond due to his stage-four colon cancer.


The controversy over whether the two were innocent or not started when Doreen Stiles, the prosecution’s main witness, testified before a lower court judge in 2009. In her testimony, she expressed that contrary to her 1995 testimony, she did not really see the defendants leaving the store where the owner was shot. She says that she was “dopesick” and that the two detectives interrogating her told her that they would help her buy heroin if she told them what happened. Stiles said that she identified Taylor and Gould in photos and afterward the police gave her $60 and drove her to a street where she bought heroin.


The involved police are denying Stiles’ allegations, and Taylor’s attorney is saying that going back to jail “would essentially serve as the execution” of the defendants who were found innocent by the lower courts.


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