Ithaca Mayoral Race Could Make History

Ithaca Mayoral Race Could Make History

For the first time, three African-Americans are on the mayoral ballot in Ithaca, New York.

Published August 13, 2011

The mayoral race in Ithaca, New York, could end up making history.


For the first time, three African-American men are in the running to become the city's top official.


Writes local news affilliate WBNG-TV:


"It's only mid-August and the candidates for the Ithaca mayoral race have already hit the pavement ready to campaign.


With independents, democrats and even a republican on the ballot, the political climate is expected to be diverse.


Although the city has much smaller populations of people of color than Binghamton or Syracuse, it has more people of color running for top political positions.


The mayoral race is one example the college town is on a unique progressive path."


Svante Myrick, one of the three African-Americans running for mayor, told the news outlet that while this is a great step for the city, there is more progress to be made.


"Just like electing a Black president was not the end to the movement for civil rights and social justice, electing a black mayor won't end that fight either," Myrick said.


Written by Britt Middleton


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