Detroit to Put 90 Percent of Funds Into Student Education

Detroit to Put 90 Percent of Funds Into Student Education

Roy Roberts, Detroit Public School Emergency Manager, says that he plans to aim money at teachers and students, not the administration.

Published August 17, 2011

In a city heavily affected by high unemployment and few jobs, want to know where funding is going? According to Detroit public school Emergency Manager Roy Roberts, 90 percent of DPS funding is going into student education.


"We're going to make sure it's aimed at the principal, the teacher and that student,” Roberts told MSNBC on Sunday in their two-hour special, A Stronger America: Making the Grade. “Not spent in the administration and other places."


On a special airing live from the Detroit School of Arts, Roberts, along with education experts including author Wes Moore and American Indian Model Schools founder Ben Chavis discussed the relationship of students’ socioeconomic background and expected level of education.


"There's no achievement gap in America; there's a preparedness gap," Chavis said.


Detroit’s school district has been receiving a lot of criticism lately, including a recently announced lawsuit by a fourth labor union for a 10 percent dock in wages. They are also facing heat for the district’s purchase of a $40,000 SUV for the sole use of Roberts.


The emergency manager responded to criticism last week by saying that he’s “driving the heck out of it,“ reports the Detroit Free Press.


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(Photo: Detroit Public Schools)

Written by Danielle Wright


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