Oakland School Police Chief Quits After Racist Rant

Oakland School Police Chief Quits After Racist Rant

Pete Sama will resign from the force after an offensive tirade directed at other officers.

Published August 18, 2011

(Photo: Courtesy of ABC7 News/Oakland)

Oakland school district police chief Pete Sama resigned Wednesday in light of accusations that he was the source of an alcohol-fueled racist rant toward an African-American sergeant and others.

After a charity golf tournament attended by the officers, Sama allegedly told the Black sergeant, "the only good n- is a dead n- and they should hang you in the town square to prevent any other n- from coming in the area."

Sama’s rant continued that evening, when he hurled more racial slurs at an Asian-American officer, and yelled insults at another sergeant’s children. The children’s mother, a white woman, filed the claim against Sama following the incident.

"I am deeply sorry for the pain my actions have caused," Sama wrote in a letter Wednesday to Oakland school board President Gary Yee. "My words hurt not only those who heard them, but also the entire community I have tried to serve as police chief of the Oakland Unified School District."

Sama continued, "I make no excuses for my behavior and offer no explanations. There simply is no excuse for the hurtful words I used and no explanation for behavior so at odds with whom I believe myself to be."

Sama, 41, led the force for two years and previously worked at the Oakland Police Department and the California Department of Justice. Sama also resigned from his previous post with the Oakland Police Department when he was cited for misdemeanor drunken driving after crashing a city-owned Chevrolet Tahoe into a tow truck on a highway.


Written by Naeesa Aziz


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