Black College Student Beaten in Alleged Hate Crime

Black College Student Beaten in Alleged Hate Crime

Christopher Phillips, 19, says he was beaten by three white men after they saw him speaking to a white woman at a party.

Published August 21, 2011

Christopher Phillips, a 19-year-old college student, told police that he was attacked at a house party in suburban Chicago for “talking to the wrong girl,” local ABC affiliate WLS-TV reports.


Phillips was the only Black person at the party. The three accused attackers were white.


Phillips says after speaking to a woman at the party, Thomas Randich, 19, confronted him.


"He said, 'Yeah, you're talking to the wrong girl.' I looked at him I'm confused I was like, 'What do you mean I'm talking to the wrong girl?'" Phillips told the news outlet.


Phillips then turned to walk away but was punched from behind and fell to the ground, where he was repeatedly kicked and punched by Randich, his brother and another man, the report adds.


Phillips sustained a fractured jaw, four missing teeth and cuts and bruises on his body.


Reports WLS-TV:


Phillips says as the three men were leaving, he heard at least two male voices shouting racial slurs.


"It's like, 'This is what that N gets,' and, 'These Ns think they can do anything,'" said Christopher Phillips.


"He was talking to a white girl, and they didn't like it. And they jumped on him," said Phillips' father, LaMonte Phillips.


One of the accused attackers was released on $200,000 bond. The other two remained in jail as of Wednesday night.

Written by Britt Middleton


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