Black Man Cookies Sold in Romania

Black Man Cookies Sold in Romania

The Black Man cookie, sold in Romania, has a cape and features wavy hair and a large nose and lips.

PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 / 01:41 PM

The Internet is abuzz over the latest racist food item, this time hailing from Romania: Black Man cookies. Besides the plainspoken title referring to Blacks, the cookie dons a cape, has a letter "B" on his chest and features wavy hair and a large nose and lips. And, of course, they’re chocolate.

The strange cookies, sold in Romania, Turkey and Albania, are being called racist and just plain weird. No matter how you feel about the first Black edible superhero, the cookies are bound to produce some awkward moments among Black school children in these countries. Just imagine sitting in the lunchroom when your friend pulls one out and bites off its head.

An anonymous commenter on the Copyranter blog, which featured a post on the offensive cookies, didn’t understand the big deal, writing: ”In Holland we have Negerzoenen (chocolate cream-filled puffs) which means '[N-word] or Negro's kisses' in Dutch. I don't see anything wrong with it. It's what you're culturally used to. Americans are very touchy and try to be too PC when it comes to such things I find. I wouldn't want them to change the name to 'African's kisses.’

Written by Naeesa Aziz


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