Florida Man Shoots Wife, Opens Fire in Church

Florida Man Shoots Wife, Opens Fire in Church

Jeremiah Fogle, 57, went on a shooting rampage Sunday, killing his wife of nine years and wounding two others after opening fire on a church congregation.

Published September 20, 2011

Sent into a shooting rampage after an alleged confession of infidelity by his wife, Jeremiah Fogle, 57, killed his spouse of nine years before opening fire on a church congregation, wounding two others.

On Sunday morning, Fogle fatally shot his wife in the bedroom of their home, and then ran across the street to the Greater Faith Christian Center Church and opened fire.  An assistant pastor and pastor were wounded by Fogle and witnesses said Fogle singled out the men as one was kneeling in prayer when he was shot in the back of the head.  Both pastors are currently in critical condition.

Fogle’s rampage ended when several churchgoers tackled him to the ground and took his gun. Nearly two dozen people were at the church attending service when Fogle entered and began firing shots.

When asked if he was remorseful about the shooting, Fogle said according to ABC News, “There wasn't that many people in there … Tell them I'm sorry, you have my word."

Police say they found six more rounds of ammunition on Fogle, a possible indicator that he had planned to shoot more people than were hit. Fogle was a member of the church where he was married and previously worked as a deacon.

Sunday’s murder of his wife, Diane Fogle, is the second time Fogle has killed a spouse. In 1986 Fogle was charged with manslaughter and given 10 years probation after making a deal with the prosecutor that kept him for ever having to serve jail time for the crime. Diane was Fogle’s seventh wife.

Despite the history, Fogle’s brother was in disbelief over the news.

"Something had to be wrong," Fogle's brother Collis Fogle Jr. told the Orlando Sentinel. "I want to talk to him and find out what triggered this."

Back at Fogle’s house, police found a written confession from Fogle and mysterious notes allegedly written by Diane chronicling her infidelities with nearly 25 men, but authorities say there is reason to believe that she was forced to write the statements. The notes were stashed in a Bible, bookmarking a passage from Matthew that discuses murder and adultery.

"During the search of the residence, several notes were located inside the residence which suggested apparent allegations of infidelity with numerous subjects," a police affidavit said according to ABC.

Fogle is now charged with first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling or public place.

(Photo: AP Photo/The Ledger, Rick Runion)

Written by Naeesa Aziz


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