BET Teams Up With Girl Scouts of USA for Black Female Leadership Panel

BET Teams Up With Girl Scouts of USA for Black Female Leadership Panel

BET Networks and the Girls Scouts of the USA hosted the panel, which focused on fostering the next of generation of Black female leaders.

Published September 22, 2011

Debra L. Lee and Constance C.R. White, above.


BET Networks, Girl Scouts of the USA and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) sponsored a panel on Thursday discussing African-American girls' leadership and development.


The panel, called "Building African-American Girl Leaders,” comes just after the release of The Resilience Factor: A Key to Leadership in African-American and Hispanic Girls, a report by the Girl Scout Research Institute that examines how African-American and Latino girls view, experience and aspire to leadership.


Debra L. Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Networks, along with Rep. Karen Bass of California, Essence magazine Editor-in-Chief Constance C.R. White and Beverly Bond, founder of Black Girls Rock! Inc. and other media, took part in the panel along with youth and business leaders.


"Growing up in a community rooted in achievement, making a difference and having a positive impact on African-Americans is something that has always been important to me," said Lee in a statement prior to the panel. "At BET Networks, empowering our young people for a brighter future is at the core of who we are and certainly a big part of the work we do on air and in our community with organizations like the Girl Scouts."


In its research, Girl Scouts of the USA claims that adversity, such as racism, inequity and injustice, are factors that actually increase the girls’ resilience and capacity for leadership. They say Black and Latino girls are more likely to seek leadership roles than their white counterparts.

(Photo: Brad Barket/PictureGroup)

Written by Britt Middleton


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