U.S. Army Promotes Highest Ranking African-American Woman

U.S. Army Promotes Highest Ranking African-American Woman

Brigadier General Marcia Anderson, the highest-ranking Black female in the army, has been named major general, making her the first Black woman in history to hold the elite title.

Published September 29, 2011

Salutations are in order.


The U.S. Army has promoted an African-American woman to major general for the first time.


Brigadier General Marcia Anderson served as deputy commanding general of the Human Resources Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky, when she was promoted to major general on Thursday. During the promotion ceremony she received her second star.


In the U.S. Army, a major general ranks below lieutenant general but above brigadier general. It is the third position from the top and is sometimes referred to as a two-star general.


Anderson was already the highest-ranking African-American female in the Army.


After her last day in her current position tomorrow, Brig. Gen. Marcia Anderson will serve at the Office of the Chief at the Army Reserve, located in the Pentagon in Washington D.C.


 She says she is honored to receive the promotion.



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(Photo: US Govt.)

Written by Danielle Wright


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