Marchers Seek to Stop 'Job Haters'

Marchers Seek to Stop 'Job Haters'

Participants in the Washington, D.C., march for jobs and justice say that anti-Obama supporters need to end blocking progress for the rest of America.

Published October 15, 2011

It may be more than 43 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, but some remember it like it was yesterday.


“I was at Wilberforce University when I found out that Dr. King was assassinated. Everybody was in tears, both the men and the women, when it happened,” Upper Malburry, Maryland native Michael Chambers tells


On Saturday, Chambers was among hundreds who gathered to march for jobs and justice at a rally organized by Rev. Al Sharpton. He says that he’s fortunate to not be looking for a job because he is retired, but he says that the issues that King stood for, including equality and equal employment, are still relevant today.


“I’ve got 41 nieces and nephews in this city and over half of them are unemployed, and most of them are college graduates. They’re not unemployed because they want to be, but because there are no jobs and we have been discriminated against,” he said. “We’ve been intimidated as Black people into not saying something is racist when it is, and that needs to stop.”


As a 63-year-old African-American, he says that he’s tired of no real action towards jobs happening in Congress, and he believes that it is a result of the efforts of the GOP to remove President Obama from office.


Holding high his sign that reads, “GOP: Gauge the Old and the Poor," Chambers says the Republican Party has turned to a new low and that he will no longer tolerate anti-Obama supporters and tea partiers who continue to abuse the president.


“President Obama needs to know that there are people who really have his back. Like Dr. King showed, we need to be out in full force, and we need to talk about the issues that affect us because, if we don’t, discriminatory Republicans are going to turn back the clock on us,” he said.


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Written by Danielle Wright


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