Fourth Arrest Made in Philadelphia Dungeon Case

Fourth Arrest Made in Philadelphia Dungeon Case

Police arrested the daughter of ringleader Linda Weston early Wednesday morning.

Published October 19, 2011

Police have made another arrest in the shocking case in which four mentally disabled people were found chained together in a dungeon-like Philadelphia sub-basement.

Officer Christine O’Brian, a police department spokesperson, says a daughter of the alleged ringleader, Linda Weston, was arrested at about 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Weston, 51, her boyfriend, Gregory Thomas, 47, and their accomplice, Eddie Wright, 49, were arrested over the weekend and face multiple charges, including criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault and kidnapping for confining and mistreating their four victims.

Police believe that the suspects kept the mentally disabled people hostage so they could steal their Social Security checks.

O’Brian did not release the name of Weston’s daughter, but said she will face similar charges as the three suspects who were already arrested.

The victims were found by Weston’s landlord after she stumbled upon the four adults, who were all weak and malnourished in a foul-smelling basement boiler room. They are now receiving medical treatment.

Additionally, police announced Wednesday that 10 more people--six children and four young adults--have been taken into protective custody in connection with the case. They are also believed to have been in Weston’s custody and were described by police as being very malnourished.

One found girl, 19-year-old Beatrice Weston, the niece of Linda Weston, had been missing since 2009 and was said to have been physically abused. Police believe two of the found children may be the biological offspring of the imprisoned adults, and they are currently trying to identify the three other young adults and four children.

A task force is working around the clock to locate as many as 50 victims from the kidnapping case alleged to have spanned across the country in states including Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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