Social Network Pays You to Post

Social Network Pays You to Post

Website uses cool, hard cash as motivation to join.

Published October 19, 2011

Think about how often you update your Facebook status or send a tweet each day. Now think about if a website actually paid you to do it. Sound too good to be true?


Enter, a new website that wants to give users an incentive to post content to its pages. Bill Gross, the CEO of Ubermedia, which owns several social media apps, told The Huffington Post that the model is a “firing shot in social media.”


"Finally, the interests of the content creators are aligned with the interests of the publisher because they get something for their hard work,” Gross said. He said the website’s model relies on users to drive traffic to the website. In return, users will get 50 percent of the revenue it earns from selling advertising on their profile pages, The Huffington Post reports. Individuals or brands that sell their own advertisements keep all of the proceeds.


The website allows users to create posts of 2,000 characters or less—“chimes”—made up of photos, links, videos and text. Chimes can then be tagged with up to five interests, such as “cars” or “celebrities.” Like on Twitter, users can subscribe to each other’s feeds; however, an added feature on gives users the power to filter what appears in their “chimeline,” so they only see the posts that pertain to their interests. According to Gross, that’s a good thing. "This platform is not just about urgent news and keeping up with friends and relatives. It's about diving into interests," said Gross. "People are moving away from searching the Web to connecting with people and they'll tell me what I need to know."


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Written by Britt Middleton


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