Occupy Protesters March Nationwide

Occupy Protesters March Nationwide

Outside the Occupy movement’s epicenter of New York City, protesters in cities around the country marched in solidarity.

Published November 18, 2011

Anti-Wall Street protesters launched their largest demonstration yet on Thursday through what was hailed as a massive “Day of Action” that marked the two-month anniversary of the start of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. Manhattan served as the epicenter of the day’s action, and protesters shook up the city in several demonstrations. Around the country, supporters from smaller Occupy factions marched in solidarity.


Occupy Los Angeles

About 500 demonstrators, many of them union members, marched through Los Angeles’ financial district, snarling traffic on surrounding freeways. More than 20 people were arrested. Organizers told Reuters that they were protesting against what they said was greed by corporations and their failure to invest in good jobs in the United States. They also argued for increased taxes on the wealthy.


Occupy Washington


Occupy Washington protesters released a proposal entitled The 99%'s Deficit Proposal: How to Create Jobs, Reduce the Wealth Divide and Control Spending that calls for enacting a "Speculation Tax" of "a half of a percent or less on Wall Street speculation" and taxing U.S. corporations on profits held overseas. Around 4 p.m., hundreds of protesters moved through the streets of Georgetown and toward the Key Bridge, where they were met by both D.C. and Arlington police, as well as U.S. Coast Guard patrolling the waters of the Potomac River. By 4:30 p.m., protesters had left the area. Police reported few issues.


Occupy Portland


Occupy Portland demonstrators moved to shut down several local banks. According to reports, about 10 demonstrators were arrested for trying to stage a sit-in inside a Wells Fargo Bank Thursday morning. In addition, 25 protesters were led away in plastic handcuffs after they obstructed traffic on Steel Bridge.


Occupy Las Vegas


Nearly two dozen protesters spilled into the street in front of a Las Vegas federal building Thursday afternoon, stopping traffic and chanting “We are the 99 percent” as they locked arms. Police arrested 21 people in the incident. There were no reported injuries and police said each of the 21 arrested would be given a misdemeanor summons and released, The Las Vegas Sun reports.

(Photo: Scott Olson/GettyImages)

Written by Britt Middleton


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