Website Encourages Minorities to Join Legal Profession

Website Encourages Minorities to Join Legal Profession is a new online platform aimed at increasing minorities' interest in the legal profession and inspiring the next generation to become active participants in changing their communities.

Published November 17, 2011

Young people who are energized about helping their communites aren't always the first to sign up for spots at America's law schools. Now, a Minnesota nonprofit has launched a campaign that hopes to inspire young people who are already interested in helping their communites to become interested in taking their beliefs into the courtroom. is a new online platform that utilizes catchy quips like, “If you’ve read all the terms and conditions on Facebook, you should be a lawyer” and jarring statistics in an effort to grab the attention of minority youth and inspire them to pursue legal careers not only for financial gain, but for social benefit as well.


“Yes, you could be a big shot. Yes, you could make great money. But you could also serve the community by doing something quite noble. Today's law firms and corporate/public legal departments need lawyers with diverse backgrounds who see the world from a different view. They're looking for someone like you,” said the site.


The clarion call of is one rooted in cold, hard facts. According to statistics from the site, only three percent of the nation's lawyers are Black. Additionally, a study published by the Denver University Law Review this year says that even among African-American's enrolled in law school, 89 percent are from upper class families, citing an economic disparity in the number of Blacks represented from lower socioeconmic levels.


The campaign is a project of the Minnesota nonprofit Diversity in Practice, an association of 26 law firms and 12 corporate legal departments with a single mission: to attract, recruit, advance and retain attorneys of color in the Twin Cities legal community.




Written by Naeesa Aziz


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