Study Shows Black Women Value Religion, Careers and Wealth

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Study Shows Black Women Value Religion, Careers and Wealth

A study conducted by the the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that Black women value religion, careers and wealth more than white women.

Published January 23, 2012

The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation have just released the results of a study they are calling “the most extensive exploration of the lives and views of African-American women in decades.”

The organizations interviewed almost 2,000 people, over 800 of them Black women, and found that Black women place a greater importance on religion, careers and wealth than white women. They also found that Black women are more apt to have helped family members through tough economic times in the past year.

Some additional highlights of the poll include:

−About two-thirds of the Black women who participated in the survey consider being successful in their careers very important

−Religion is essential to most Black women’s lives; being in a romantic relationship is not

−About three in four value living a religious life and worry about having enough money to pay their bills

−Nearly three-quarters of African-American women say now is a good time to be a Black woman in America

−67% describe themselves as having high self esteem

−46% see the nation's economic system as stacked against Blacks

The survey is a part of a series looking at Black women’s experiences and perspectives. The next part of the series will be published on Tuesday, January 24, and looks at First Lady Michelle Obama's impact on Black women and how she has changed the overall impressions of them in America.

Future releases will explore Black women’s assessment of self-image and the impact of the recession on their finances.

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Written by Danielle Wright


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