You’re Hired! What's Next?

Career Advice: You’re Hired! What's Next?

You’re Hired! What's Next?

Steps to make your first day on the job a great one.

Published October 16, 2012

You have finally landed the position you've wanted for months and will soon be headed into the office for your first day. It's like preparing for the first day of school. You want to make the best impression on your boss, learn the names of your team members and do a good job in your newly hired role. But what comes next? Although not an exact science to adjusting to your new position, following these basic steps can help a great deal on your first day.

Learn the product. You already know a great deal about what the company does and the product it creates, but, on your first day, take this time to learn the product. Be able to speak about it as if you created it. Now that you are hired, you instantly become a product representative.

Know the history. Become familiar with the history behind the brand. Learn how the company was created, information about its founders and its current leadership. You are a new ambassador.

Get to know the gatekeepers. Introduce yourself around the office and get to know who is in charge of the various departments. Learn the names of the assistants and make yourself available for lunch during the first week, when asked.

Study the industry. Know what similar companies are doing and learn best practices so you can apply proven tactics to the work you are producing. Make it your own, of course, and remember to note your sources.

The first week on the new job can be overwhelming, but remember you were hired for a reason so keep these tips in mind when paving your way to success. 

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