Get Hired!

Dos and don'ts to help you ace your next interview.

Get Hired!

Dos and don'ts to help you ace your next interview.

Published October 23, 2012

You have done your research, printed several copies of your resume and compiled the best recommendations that speak to your highest potential and yet you are still unable to land the position you want. Use these tips when preparing for your next one-on-one with a potential employer to better position yourself to be hired.


Speak clearly. It's pretty easy to let your nervousness get the best of you during your first interview with a hiring officer, especially if you are excited about the interview and the opportunity to work for the company of your dreams. Be yourself, speak clearly and take your time when answering the questions.


Listen. Nothing is more frustrating for a hiring officer than interviewing a candidate who does not listen to the question or speaking to someone who cuts you off mid-sentence. Yes, your interview is the perfect time to display what you know about the company, but go lightly on the corporate factoids and only use the information that is relevant as it fits within your interview and the position for which you are applying.


Keep your responses short. A good tip is to keep your answers short and simple. Of course, some answers will require a bit more than others, but many of the questions likely asked during your interview can be answered in four or fewer sentences. Practice your responses before your interview. What will you say? How long does it take you to say it? Practice answering interview questions out loud. And keep in mind, if it's on your résumé, you will very likely be asked about it.


Stay on topic. Listen so you'll know how to respond. Try not to stray too far from the question. Rely on your experience and speak to your skills. Tailor your responses to the question that is asked. Be cautious not to expand too far from beyond the original question and keep your response relevant to show you are qualified for the position.


Highlight your experience. This is your time to shine. Talk about yourself and highlight why you are the best candidate for the position. Use examples of your previous work to show your professionalism, time management and the quality of your work.


Ask what the hiring timeline is. Once your interview comes to an end, don't be afraid to ask your interviewer what happens next. Ask about the expected time it will likely take to fill the position and when a hiring decision will be made. The hiring officer should be prepared to answer this question and is actually anticipating it. So don't shy away from it – ask for the timeline and show your interest even more.


Remember these short tips when preparing for your next interview and good luck with your employment search.


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