Marion Barry: "The FBI Tried to Kill Me"

Marion Barry: "The FBI Tried to Kill Me"

Former D.C. mayor believes the FBI was attempting to murder him during a sting operation in January 1990.

Published January 18, 2013

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry believes the FBI was attempting to murder him during a sting operation in January 1990 when he was caught using crack cocaine.

Barry and his then-girlfriend Rasheeda Moore were videotaped in a hotel room smoking the drug that she received from an undercover police officer who was operating with the FBI. It was at that time that he uttered his infamous statement: "The b---- set me up."

In an interview with the U.S. News and World Report this week, he hinted that the FBI had laced his cocaine with another substance that could have killed him.

"The FBI had a mind to entrap me, also the FBI tried to kill me by having some substance that wasn't proven to be crack," Barry told the magazine.

Reports U.S. News:

"They had an EMT on the spot, which is not only unusual but rare in history of the FBI," Barry noted as he offered evidence to support his claim that the FBI attempted to kill him. “Why would they have an EMT on the scene if they weren’t trying?”

"When we went to the lab they couldn't say what it was," he added.

Bill Baker, who oversaw the sting operation as the assistant FBI director in charge of the Criminal Investigative Division, told U.S. News that he found Barry's accusation "absurd and disappointing."

Baker said that he personally approved the use of EMTs for the operation.

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(Photo: BILL O'LEARY/TWP/Washington Post/Getty Images)

Written by Natelege Whaley


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