Supporters to Obama: "We Got Your Back"

Supporters to Obama: We Got Your Back

Supporters to Obama: "We Got Your Back"

Second-time inauguration attendees Marlene and William Carr praised Obama for health care reform and tax cuts in his first term.

Published January 21, 2013

Marlene and William Carr have known about Barack Obama for some time now — their daughter was one of his constitutional law students at the University of Chicago

The Carrs, both in their late 60s, say they never expected to see an African-American president within their lifetime, but are very proud of the accomplishments that Obama has made in the past four years.

After seeing Obama in Baltimore in 2008 and attending the Maryland State Inaugural Ball in 2009, the Carrs decided that they definitely had to attend the inauguration if the president was re-elected.

While waiting in a long line for hot tea and coffee after President Obama's speech, talked to the Carrs about Obama's first term, what they hope he accomplishes in the next four years and their words of advice for our first Black president. How exciting is it to be celebrating Obama's second inauguration?

Marlene Carr: It's just very exciting. I just wanted him to win the second term so I just had to be here today.

Is it more or less exciting than the first time he was elected?

Marlene: It's different. The first time it was bigger than life itself that we would have an African-American president. And not only that but someone who is confident and capable and can really do the job. I'm glad to have him continue what I think are great accomplishments.

William: The first election was historic. The second one is historic in a different way because it shows it wasn't an accident. And that he still has the support of the majority of the American people. I think that's significant for our race that we can sustain a presidency for two terms in a row. 

What accomplishments were you pleased with in his first term?

Marlene: Of course, the health care reform law. But also, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, one of his first pieces of legislation, so that was tremendous. He cut the payroll taxes. But that's OK. I don't mind paying taxes. I think we should all be paying our fair share of taxes. We are enjoying the wealth of this country and all that it provides. Pay your taxes, people!

What should he be focusing on in his second term?

Marlene: The economy, of course, and more defining of the health care bill. I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about that. These are things that need to be smoothed out.

If you could tell the Obamas one thing, what would it be?

William: Hang in there. We got your back.

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Written by Erin E. Evans


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