Obama Reminds Us That Anything Is Possible

The Hamilton Family: Obama Reminds Us That Anything is Possible

Obama Reminds Us That Anything Is Possible

The Hamilton family says Obama inspires unity among Americans and proves that hard work pays off.

Published January 21, 2013

The Hamiltons moved to the Washington, D.C., metro area from New Jersey three years ago, after Lisa, 44, got a new job in McLean, Virginia. At the time of President Obama’s first inauguration, she’d just lost her job amid a struggling economy. She wasn’t sure when — or if — she’d get another job.

Hamilton says the work Obama has done to improve the economy has greatly benefited her, and she’s thankful that he’s working hard to improve America.

BET.com caught up with Lisa and her two children, Jared, 8, and Khristen, 11, just after Obama’s inaugural address. See what they had to say about Obama’s inspiration, the best part of the inauguration and their words of advice for the president.

BET.com: How does it feel to be at Obama’s second inauguration?

Jared: We are very happy to be here, and we were honored for our friends to give us some tickets to come here.

Lisa: We are happy because we are celebrating a historical occasion. We love Barack Obama and we think he’s doing an amazing job and we’re happy that he’s being inaugurated for a second time. We are embracing him and hoping that he will move the country forward and in the right direction.

What has been the best part about inauguration weekend so far?

Lisa: The best part was Barack Obama’s speech. We’re here and we’re feeling the energy and the warmth that others are bringing to this occasion.

How have you benefited from an Obama presidency?

Lisa: Four years ago, I was not working. I didn’t know if there was going to be an opportunity to work again because of the state of the economy. Three years later, I got a job in the DMV area. I’m just so proud of the fact that he has really tried to take us out of a bad situation.

How does Obama inspire you?

Khristen: He inspires us because he’s the first African-American president. A lot of people don’t think Blacks are as good as whites, so it says something about what African-Americans can do.

Jared: He inspires me because he plays basketball.

Lisa: To be honest, when Barack Obama was elected, it made us all feel that anything is possible. We can aspire to whatever we want. The sky is the limit.

If you could tell Obama one thing, what would it be?

Lisa: Just continue to do what you do. And know that you have a lot of supporters like us who want you to do well and will encourage you in any way possible. We will continue to pray for him and we know that he will do well.

Khristen: Thank you!

Jared: Well, in basketball terms, I would say bring it on!

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(Photo: BET)

Written by Erin E. Evans


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