Dress to Impress: How to Look the Part for Your Job

Dress to Impress: How to Look the Part for Your Job

Dress to Impress: How to Look the Part for Your Job

Here are a few tips for how to look the part for your job or job interview.

Published April 18, 2013

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Whether you are going on a job interview or starting a new job, it is important to have a good appearance. It may not seem fair, but it's true. People do judge you based on your appearance and your attire is one of the first things a prospective employer will notice when you show up for an interview. The same is true once you land a new job. The first impression your new coworkers will have of you will be based on your appearance.

Here are some tips to help you dress to impress:

For Men

— A suit and tie is best. Dark, neutral colors are recommended.

— If you do not own a suit, then dress slacks and a white button down shirt are recommended. You should still wear a tie if you have one.

— Wear dark, polished dress shoes.

— Your shoes and belt should ideally match.

— Make sure you are clean shaven. If you have a moustache or beard, it should be neat and trimmed.

For Women

— A pants suit or skirt suit is best. Dark and solid colors are recommended.

— Wear conservative and polished dress shoes, especially for interviews.

— Dresses should not be worn to interviews and, if you wear them to work, make sure they are professional.

— Avoid wearing too much makeup. Makeup that is applied in a more natural way often works well, especially for job interviews.


— Make sure your hair is styled as neatly as possible.

— Avoid dirty or long fingernails.

— You can wear cologne or perfume, but not too much. It's better to go without than to overdo it.

— Brush your teeth shortly before an important interview or meeting to make sure your breath will not offend anyone.

— Do not wear too much jewelry, especially if it will make noise while you are moving or talking. Jewelry is generally not a good idea for men.

— This should go without saying, but you should have no visible tattoos or piercings.

While these tips are not rules (and there are certainly exceptions to some of them, depending upon the circumstances), they are a safe bet in many work environments. You don't have to lose your sense of style, but you also don't want your personal style to distract — or detract — from the value you can bring to a position. Sometimes less is more, especially when interviewing. For some, it is a challenging balance, but following these guidelines should ensure that you dress to impress in the workplace.

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Written by OppsPlace Staff Writer


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