One Question That Will Always Be Asked During Interviews

One Question That Will Always Be Asked During Interviews

One Question That Will Always Be Asked During Interviews

"Tell me about yourself" is one question that will always be asked in an interview. Be prepared to answer.

Published May 2, 2013

Be prepared and know how to best respond. It's one of the first questions asked when meeting someone new socially or professionally, which makes it the number one question most likely to come up during your next interview.

"Tell me about yourself" is the perfect introduction for you to talk about the characteristics you will offer to a corporation if hired and an opportunity for you to highlight in yourself some of the most sought out qualities recruiters look for when making their hiring decisions.

When talking about yourself, just go for it and don't shy away from boasting about the qualities you think set you the most a part from the other applicants.

From the recruiter's perspective, the way you approach your answer – confidently, clearly and strongly – will help them to better narrow the field or make their decision, especially when it's a tight race of qualified applicants.

When you respond, be sure to focus on what matters the most for the position you are being considered. It's okay to mention briefly where you grew up or attended college but try to keep your response as focused as possible on what will interest the recruiter and make the best impression for the job.

Definitely talk about your most important or notable accomplishments, either from previous employment or an impact you have had within your community. It's also a good rule of thumb to mention any leadership role you have played or your other service type involvement as well.

Keep it short and sweet and be sure to practice your answer. Know what to say and how to respond as effectively and consistently as possible. What you say about yourself should closely mirror what you are presenting about yourself in your employment application.

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Written by OppsPlace Staff Writer


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