Am I on Punked? White Supremacist Finds Out He Is a Brother

Craig Cobb

Am I on Punked? White Supremacist Finds Out He Is a Brother

Craig Cobb wanted to start an Aryan revival, but when he discovered he was Black he was shocked.

Published November 12, 2013

How do you prove a white supremacist should not hate others because of the color of their skin?  Do a blood test, and find out that he is a member of the race he loathes.

That’s exactly what The Trisha Goddard Show did for Craig Cobb, a 62 year-old neo-Nazi who tried to make an “Aryan enclave” out of a small town in North Dakota.

Cobb was invited on the show to take a DNA test to prove his lineage, but when the results revealed that he was 86 percent European and 14 percent Sub-Saharan African, Cobb was in utter disbelief.  When British TV host Goddard, called him “bro” and attempted the famed Obama fist bump, Cobb got very red in the face and refused to acknowledge his "Blackness."

The DNA results did not include where Cobb got his 86 percent of European blood, but it’s probably not all from Nazi Germany.

The glorified racist needs to not only check his ethnic roots, but to also think about exploring American history. Since Cobb wants to revert back to segregated America, he should investigate the “one-drop rule,” a Southern term which mandated that if a person had “one drop” of black blood then they were considered black.  It sucks when your find out that you hate yourself.

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(Photo: The Trisha Show via NBC Universal)

Written by Dominique Zonyéé


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