Black Firefighter Alleges Racial Profiling by White Oakland Police Officer At Firehouse

(Photo: KPix 5, CBS Local News San Fransisco)

Black Firefighter Alleges Racial Profiling by White Oakland Police Officer At Firehouse

Kevin Jones and his 9- and 12-year-old sons were detained as he attempted to close the door of a local firehouse.

Published September 5, 2014

A Black 15-year veteran firefighter claims that a white Oakland cop racially profiled him and his two young sons at a firehouse in July, The Huffington Post reports.

Keith Jones, 43, accompanied by his 9- and 12-year old sons, had stopped by an East Oakland fire station at close to 11 p.m. to close a door that Jones noticed had been left open, when they were detained by an unnamed officer.

The Oakland Police Department denied any wrongdoing and recently released body-mounted camera footage of the confrontation, insisting that the unnamed officer was “within policy.”

"Put your hands up. Get your hands up!," the officer is heard saying in the video. "Turn around.”

The off duty firefighter said the “nervous” officer was crouched down with his hand on his gun, while his sons' hands were kept in the air. After Jones shows his identification and reveals that he is a fireman from a different station and was there to secure the entrance, the officer apologizes.

"You can put your hands down, kids. Sorry bout that," said the officer. "You can relax too.”

The officer arrived on the scene that night because the Oakland Fire Department had alerted the Oakland Police about entrances that might have still been opened at the firehouse.

Particularly concerned about the treatment of his sons that evening, Jones has filed a complaint against the department. He alleged that his sons thought the cops were going to shoot him and now fear the police.

"Why not ask them what they're doing? Are they OK?" he told KTVU about the officer's disregard for his sons.

"It can affect them and how they view police for the rest of their lives," he said. "That can be detrimental...when they have to deal with police officers in the future.”

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(Photo: KPix 5, CBS Local News San Fransisco)

Written by Patrice Peck


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