More Questions Emerge Over Philadelphia Cop-Involved Shooting

(Photo: Brandon Tate-Brown via Facebook)

More Questions Emerge Over Philadelphia Cop-Involved Shooting

More contradictory claims have surfaced in the investigation of Brandon Tate-Brown's death.

Published March 2, 2015

(Photo: Brandon Tate-Brown via Facebook)

A controversial police-involved shooting case has become even more perplexing, months after the deadly incident that claimed Brandon Tate-Brown's life. reports that the 26-year-old's mother, Tanya Brown-Dickerson, and her attorney, Brian Mildenberg, recently visited police Internal Affairs headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia to learn more about the ongoing investigation. But they reportedly left more confused, due to inconsistencies reported in several eyewitness statements.  

For instance, the police department claimed that Tate-Brown was pulled over on Dec. 15 for driving without his lights on and instructed to exit the vehicle after cops noticed a handgun inside. Soon after, Tate-Brown was fatally shot following an alleged fight with two patrol officers. However, Mildenberg points to one witness' statement, which claims Tate-Brown denied having a gun, even while being held at gunpoint.

The police department's reason for the traffic stop also contradicts another statement made by a passerby who reportedly stopped his car to help officers that evening, according to 

"The true reason, according to this eyewitness, who is reporting what the police officer stated to him immediately after the event, was that Brandon's car allegedly matched the description of a vehicle involved in an earlier incident," Mildenberg told "This is the very first time we have heard the police officer's apparently true reason for pulling Brandon over."

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has refused to release statements and video surveillance footage of the incident to the public because of the probe led by the district attorney's office. 

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Written by Patrice Peck


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