Marilyn Mosby Announces Baltimore Program for First-Time Offenders

Marilyn Mosby, Aim to B'More

Marilyn Mosby Announces Baltimore Program for First-Time Offenders

Aim to B'More will help non-violent, first-time drug offenders.

Published May 15, 2015

Baltimore’s state attorney Marilyn Mosby has announced a program to help reduce recidivism rates and unemployment in the city. Aim to B’More will help nonviolent, first-time felony drug offenders get their records expunged upon completion of the program.

Mosby has been working with Deborah Spector, deputy director of crime control and prevention, to launch the program, which began on May 4.


"Baltimore needs this program. By offering nonviolent, first-time felony offenders the opportunity to get an education and establish a career, we are affording them the opportunity to be more," Mosby said. 

The program is modeled after a similar one launched in California by State Attorney General Kamala Harris.

"I think (Aim to B'more) is going to change my life," Shyheim Holly, 19, said at a conference announcing the program. "I'm not doing too well right now, and this program is going to help me get a job and stay out of trouble." 

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Written by BET-Staff


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