Texas Softball Coach Tells Black Player Her Hair Is 'Nasty and Nappy'

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Texas Softball Coach Tells Black Player Her Hair Is 'Nasty and Nappy'

Brenda Jacobson gets slap on the wrist for her comments.

Published July 14, 2015

A Texas coach is safe this week after attempts to strike her out for foul play.

Brenda Jacobson of Richland, Texas, is being lightly reprimanded after being accused of uttering racially insensitive remarks to Black players on the team. 

In a letter, school principal Carla Rix told Jacobson to “adhere to professional communication” when addressing both players and parents and to not “make reference to any person regarding race or skin color.” Despite the allegations, which came from multiple players on the team, Jacobson was not suspended and was put on administrative leave for less than an average work day.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jacobson made a slew of comments including:

▪ Telling a Black player that “the sun is more attracted to you because you are Black.”

▪ Referring to a Black player’s hair as “nappy and nasty.”

▪ Saying that a Black player wouldn’t do a certain drill “because there is water on the ground and Black people don’t like water.”

▪ Telling a Black player, “See, everyone is white on the inside,” after the player cut her leg after sliding into a base.

“In defense of this accusation, I was involved in the drills, therefore, if I would have made this comment, the entire varsity, JV and JV2 players, as well as Coach [Jay] Jones, Coach [Karen] Hauser and Coach [Joanna] Crow would have heard the comment,” Jacobson said in a statement. “This comment was not made by me, and because of the nature of the drill and who was involved, this comment must be deemed inappropriate by all accounts and have never been said.”

Joe Cammarata, the associate superintendent for staff and services, claims the incident was a case of “bad judgment,” not racism. 

Although parents of affected students have called for Jacobson’s resignation, the Texas school district appears to be firm in their stance claiming the situation has been “thoroughly investigated,” and appropriate action has been taken.

Kenneth Wilson, father of Kenzie Wilson who says she has been a victim of Jacobson’s attack, has been actively trying to find a resolve for his daughter. 

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Written by George Chapman Jr.


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